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I've said this before and I'll say it again: You have to start being yourself by at least the second date. This is no truer than when pets come into the picture. It's all too easy to "ooh" and "ahh" and pal around with some hottie's Chihuahua to get her to like you when all you really want to do is drop-kick Fido and score a field goal.  Read More »

So I've got this friend. Well, OK, it's technically my girl's friend, but we still kick it. She is now in her fourth "super serious" relationship of the year. My lady keeps reporting to me that Ms. Decisive is sure this one is definitely "The One.  Read More »

We've all heard a lot about Tiger Woods' "transgressions" since the now-infamous accident and hospital visit around Thanksgiving. He recently announced his comeback to the tour, but in between, he was "rehabilitated" in a sex addiction clinic.  Read More »

So my lady says to me the other day, "I love you just the way you are." How sweet, right? Well, hang on, it's not that simple. Let me give you the history of the conversation ... We had just sat down for a pasta dinner.  Read More »

Well, I hope everyone had a festive holiday season. Just one more to go, with New Years Eve right around the corner, bringing the promise of a new year and a new you, resolutions and -- you guessed it -- one big party.  Read More »

The holidays are a time of sharing, joy, company parties and the sharing of joyful beverages at company parties. If you've had your eye on that sweet honey in the office for a while now, this is the time to act.  Read More »

Ahh, Thanksgiving -- a time of celebration, fun and family. Now, the question is: Just how much of that family do you want your lady to meet (and vice versa)? Here are some key indicators. You're hanging out after getting back to your place, and she turns to you to discuss .  Read More »

Think you're too old for Halloween? Think again, my single friends. This is probably the best dating tip I can give you. Halloween is a gold mine for meeting ladies. Whether you take a date or pick one up at the party, this may be your best shot to find love … or at least a second date with a superhero.  Read More »

Girls can be so jealous. Don't believe me? Keep an eye out for it next time you're at a party, park, bar or game. It's not just the crazy ones, either. Something the other day reminded me of when I first started dating my lady, how jealous she and my kinda-ex were.  Read More »

Breaking up is such an important topic that movies, songs and TV commercials have all contributed to the cause. Most people still fail to grasp what an art it truly is. Just think about how many relationships drag on for months or years because of the fear breaking up inspires.  Read More »

If your girl is a total sports nut, I suggest you suck it up and propose now. Otherwise, I have a few suggestions for you to help balance sports and date time. I took the lady out for dinner and drinks the other day.  Read More »

So I just got back from Vegas. It had been a while since my last adventure into Sin City, and boy how I had forgotten. Apparently, there is something in the air there that causes girls to wear about 25% of their normal clothing, and I'm not just talking about the ones who are paid to do so.  Read More »

Whether you're at a bar, a game, the school, a park or anywhere in between, you should always be ready to act, should a girl catch your eye. 'Cause failing to prepare is preparing to fail, right? Here are some different approaches to suit different personalities.  Read More »

I made an interesting observation this morning as I went about my normal routine. As usual, I woke up and crawled out of bed, then diligently assembled the rows and rows of throw pillows in coordinating designs, alternating colors and assorted shapes that even Martha Stewart would be proud of.  Read More »

Many couples sign a prenuptial agreement before entering into the sacred vows of marriage. Why? 'Cause who knows what's going to happen? You need to protect your awesome earning potential, your vintage Corvette and your stake in the Arena Football League (as if you actually have such things).  Read More »

We all make mistakes. We forget birthdays. We have a few too many beers with the guys and throw up in a hamper. Some of us might even -- on occasion -- check out other girls. (The nerve! Who would do such a thing?!) Keystone Light recognized this and even has an ad campaign dedicated to male slip ups.  Read More »

Taking the first vacation with your lady is a big step in any relationship, even if it is just overnight in the next town. It can take your relationship to the next level or send it spiraling down in a fiery crash.  Read More »

In the best-case scenario, your date or girlfriend gets along great with your buds. She's "one of the guys," or at least that "awesome chick" your friends enjoy being around. If you find it weird to hang out with your friends and your lady at the same time, you might be in for problems.  Read More »

If your girl is a sports nut, played on four intercollegiate teams and knows what the blue line is, you can stop reading now. For the rest of you, here are some tips for bringing your girl up to speed on sports and making a date at the game or all-day TV bash more enjoyable for the both of you: First of all, take it slow.  Read More »

Today, I thought I'd write a little something for the ladies. A handbook, if you will, on what us guys think. It might just help you avoid a nasty argument with your man. First of all, the jokes you hear about guys being dumb jocks who only care about sex, beer and TV (and the games on TV) are true.  Read More »

Wingman -- wing·man (wĭng'mən): Your trusted sidekick at the bar Many people think the history of the wingman dates back to the 1986 film Top Gun; to the '96 flick Swingers, in which the role was glorified; or even to the Coors Light commercial featuring the song "Ode to the Wingman.  Read More »

My lady, whom I shall refer to as "Legally Blonde" (take that how you wish -- and no, she doesn't know I'm calling her that -- and yes, she would be none too happy about it), were sitting on the couch the other night when she whispered, "I love you," in my ear.  Read More »

Orchestrating a night out with the guys is like changing your own oil: It should be easy, but something always goes wrong; it gets messy; and you end up wishing someone else had just taken care of it. The frustrating part is that 90% of the time, she's all for you hanging out with the guys.  Read More »

Everyone knows the jokes about the in-laws. Many of us have experienced the horror, humiliation and hilarity of meeting and hanging out with our girl's fam. "How in the world did she turn out so well?" you wonder quietly, to yourself.  Read More »

As a guy who's been in a relationship for a few years now, and as the only guy in my group of friends who isn't single, I'm often looked to as the relationship guru. My guys come to me with all sorts of questions, and as a guy who actually managed to catch a great girl, I usually can help.  Read More »

Now that the dreaded tax day has come and gone and you're surfing on the momentum of getting your financial paperwork in order and another year of tax-paying behind you, it's time to use all that positive energy to improve other areas of your life.  Read More »