8 first date ideas for outdoorsy types

Nurture your love while communing with nature

If you're expecting for something a bit more original than the typical "dinner and a movie," more power to you. As a female, I can tell you that guys get major brownie degrees for coming up with and planning original dates that prove they did more than open a newspaper.If your lady enjoys communicating with nature, here are a few thoughts for your initial rendezvous that will attract to her outdoorsy side and make sure you get a second date.

  • Hiking the trails - The big enigma about hiking that no one tells you is that it's really just walking by another name. Find a shady trail in your neck of the woods and ask her along for the ride. The scenery will provide a welcome distraction while you two get to know each other.
  • Rock climbing - One of my all-time loved dates, this one demands some preparation, as the two of you will need to take an intro class if you're not experienced climbers. Still, there are plenty of gyms that offer cheap introductions, and you usually get your own instructor. Develop faith by belaying each other, then satisfy your post-climbing appetites by catching some food.
  • A picnic in the park - A classic first-date outing, it's hard to go incorrectly with a blanket, a picnic basket, and some home-made treats. Let your thoughtfulness shine through, then seal the deal with a PB&J.
  • Horseback riding - At the risk of generalizing, women love horses. Whether it's the "white knight" angle or just the excitement of sitting atop an animal several times your size, horseback riding lessons, or even a tour à la cheval, will up the romance factor of any outing.
  • Kayaking - For those lucky enough to live near a body of water, why not lease a kayak (yes, just one, gentlemen ... you do the paddling) and float around? While swimming is probably a little much (she'd likely choose not to be nearly-nude the first time the two of you hang out), the water is the perfect place to see sparks.
  • Skydiving - If you've got a daredevil on your hands, you'll create a lifelong bond by jumping out of a plane, hand in hand. Not for the faint of heart, it's an marvelous rush - and the thrill of touching back down on the sweet, solid earth is sure to bring you two together.
  • Riding bikes - Looking for something a bit tamer? Scope out the city on two wheels. If you're serious about wooing this one, you might even take renting a tandem bike. It's a danger, and possibly a bit on the tinny side, but it's hard to refuse the appeal of "a bicycle built for two."
  • Camping - It might be a elongate for a first date, but if you're actually jonesing for an outdoor take chances, throw a tent in the truck and whisk her away to a secluded spot. Pros: No TV, menu-perusing, or dirty waiters to trouble you. Cons: bears!.

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